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Welcome to the Squid Spud Squad

Home of the first and largest open Splatoon 2 squad

Welcome to the Squid Spud Squad! Headquartered in Discord, S3 is first and largest open semi-competitive Splatoon 2 squad to date! Our ever-growing and inclusive community welcomes all squids, octopodes, and potatoes from around the globe to partake in battles, conversation, and events in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.

What's an Open Squad?

An open squad is a squad that is inclusive to everyone and anyone. That means that you don’t need to apply or pass any sort of tryouts to get in. In addition, there are no time commitments or minimum rank you have to be to be considered a “competitive player.” As long as you have a Nintendo Switch, Splatoon 2, and speak English, you are welcome to join S3!


Meet the Team

We are the superspuds who manage the Discord server, organize events, and advocate for the community! We are dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere amongst the S3 community and bringing everyone together through a shared love of Splatoon 2. Everything we do is in the interest of enhancing your S3 experience and promoting the inclusive values of the community. We don't bite, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions on how to improve S3.


Founder, Discord Server Owner, and Spud Squad Co-Founder



Discord Admin and Designer


Discord Moderator


Discord Moderator


Discord Moderator



Discord Moderator and Spud Squad Co-Founder

Nick The Squid

Discord Manager


Discord Certifyer


Discord Certifyer


Discord Guide

Agent 4

Discord Guide


Starbow Break

Discord Guide


"See, I'm all about just having fun and making friends. That's my goal with the whole Spud Squad community. Games have turned into this thing where they're taken so seriously sometimes and people forget games are designed to have fun. Screw tryouts and stuff. I just want everyone to feel like they're part of something special."

RadPotato, S3 founder


Upcoming Events

Check out some of the events the S3 community is hosting and get in on the fun! 

Events are open to all members unless stated otherwise.

Coming Soon!


Past Events and Splatfests

Community Event: Case Files

Winner: The Squid Spud Squad

Splatfest: Fork vs Spoon

Winner: Fork

Agent 4, Bunnie, CelestialDelta, CornDog, Dry, gabendodge, Galactica, JelFoodzø, Kalamari, kim_metje, Lillin, lil toadie, Mj, Navy, Nick The Squid, octo jones!, onespikyboi(alal), RadPotato, S A L, StarBeam1011, Starbow Break

Community Event: S3's Got Talent

Winners: CornDog, StarBeam1011, and SkeleBohn

Participants: Biccr, Spuddermon, UrchUrchin, ♫Øk.Kiki♫ (raffle winner), Kalamari, Starbow Break, lil toadie, Dry, FoodX3, DarkSeekerT725db, Sneaky, Mj

Splatfest: Squid vs Octopus

Winner: Squid

alal, awesome., Biccr, Big Cat, CelestialDelta,  Daniずら, gabendoge, Jeremy SkeleBohn, Knife Dad, Mj, Mou Karry, Navy, S A L, SHSL\_Procrastinator, Splatkid, sugary, toasty, ultra lunala master, Vamp, YAAAASS



Art and images created by our very own members.


S3's Got Talent Winners!

August 15, 2018

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